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Wrote a something thingy m’bob. First time in ages. Enjoy.


This is a simple enquiry

A little test that transcends love

That questions the limit of commitment

Simple yes or no

You’ll have lots of time to think it through

Intimidating the consequences

Flirting with an answer

I won’t get on one knee but instead

Stare with passionate rage and ask

“would you help me kill someone?”

It’s not about your dimples

Or how you know the right spots

When it comes to ruffling my hair

It’s about an overwhelming desire

To end someone’s life

So we can continue ours together.


I don’t know what I’m looking for

But I’ve seen pictures in my dreams

A black and white Polaroid image

Of us In the back of a police van

We see in the distant a crowd

Vomiting over the body

We just threw from a skyscraper

The stench of sick mixing with twisting bones

Of legs, arms and a shattered spine.

We can practice at home

Just when we get back from work

Smashing melons with mallets

Carving our initials into leather

Your eyes dilating with every punch to a pigs corpse

Hanging from our bathroom ceiling

We’ll eat it later for tea

You want to make it as tender as our love

You say as you order a katana off the internet.

When we do this deed we’ll rip out

Our victims heart and carry it

Through a poppy field

Skipping a laughing as the heart

Sits still beating in our hands

I’m looking for a lover who’ll say yes

Offer solutions on burning finger prints

And a good forest, who owns a strong shovel.

Now to draw up a draft of names of victims

To our brutal love. 

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Disneyland Goes to the World’s Fair (1964)

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Popular kids always think that people are basically good. But that’s not true. People are basically not good.
But when you’re an unpopular kid at school you get left with a very particular view of humanity. Jaundiced, you might say.
— David Greig The Events (via kojotai)
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Jay Stuckey.

HQ, 2011. Oil and collage on canvas

Charles Whitman, 2012. Oil and collage on canvas

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Paranormal Cativity [x]

Previously: Cats Giving High Fives

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Frances Ha (2012) by Noah Baumbach.

Gonng go marry Greta Gerwig now. cya.


Frances Ha (2012) by Noah Baumbach.

Gonng go marry Greta Gerwig now. cya.

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Tiny Dinosaur wanted to help out with awareness so he made a tiny presentation.
Suggestions for improvements are very welcome, he has never made a presentation about asexuality before and he wants to make sure he gets it right.

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Drawing by Tom Herpich, from his blog, here! What a cool drawing!

I’m really happy with how this one turned out.

From Tom’s blog:

New episode of Adventure Time on Monday: “All Your Fault”! Like “Goliad” from last season, this is one where I came up with the premise myself, then…

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